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Event Registration Details:

 Event Details: (Updated 12/12/18)
 Date Start: 28th April 2019 (Sunday) - 7.00am
 Venue: UiTM Shah Alam
 Reporting Time: 28th April 2019 (Sunday) - 21KM @ 1.00am, Start time: 2.00am
 Reporting Time: 28th April 2019 (Sunday) - 10KM @ 1.00am, Start time: 2.45am
 Reporting Time: 28th April 2019 (Sunday) - 5KM @ 7.00am, Start time: 7.30am
 Cut off time: 21KM - 4 hours
 Cut off time: 10KM - 2 hours
 Cut off time: 5KM - 1.5 hours
 Categories: 21KM, 10KM, 5KM
 Closing date: 14th April 2019 (Sunday)
 Organizer: Faculty of Chemical Engineering Studenty Society (FChESS), UiTM Shah Alam.
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